Guest Comments

A very special moment for my 50th birthday, Amazing hospitality, Thank you

Margaret Owusa , United Kingdom, February 2019

Thanks for a great time, very comfortable stay & extreme hospitality

Audrey Kugazev, Russia, January 2019

Wonderful Hotel with ever helpful & courteous staff, satisfying breakfast & teas & an incredible view

Joe & Brenda Berger, New York,December 2018

This was the perfect respite, just what I needed. Thank you

Richard Wharton US, August 2018

Just as magical as the first time

Neil & Sonya  Devon, England  March 2018

thank you so much for an absolutely beautiful stay,I loved staying in the Safari Suite

Sarah Rich,  USA, March 2018

Awesome place, perfect service & lovely people, thank you

Heinrich & Sonja Dunkel,  Germany,  February 2018

One of our best stops in SA, we will be back

Eric & Nynke,   Netherlands, October 2017

I enjoyed my stay very much. Paradise ! Excellent service !

Ines Lauber Switzerland January 2017

An outstanding visit ! We will recommend to others…

Prof. Peter & Sylvia Monti USA April 2016

A beautiful week with our large family . We love this place and its people ! Thank you so much

van Oord Family Netherlands & Canada 07 February 2015

This has been the most enjoyable hotel experience we have had in all the countries we have ever travelled…

Ken & Jean Harrington Canada August 2014

Beyond all expectations ! Thank you for your wonderful hospitality

Ms Susan Pattison-Wait South Africa February 2013

The Penthouse Suite was lovely. Great views from the morning till Moon viewing at night. Delicious Cuisine. Hope to be back soon…

Mr James Matlock USA & Switzerland 10 February 2012

This was the third stay of ours and was as pleasant as the first. Fantastic location, unforgettable views over the Cape Peninsula, excellent food and kind people…What else do you need? Thanks to all of you.

Dr B Pauluhn Germany – November 2011

Very friendly stay. Enjoyed views and location for visiting the wine route and Cape Point

Elden Burke& Family England – October 2011

Remarkable ending to a holiday of a lifetime in South Africa. Love Cape Town & Colona Castle

Sonia Chugh New York USA – 05 November 2010

Great service ! Great location ! Great Hotel !

Geoffrey & Therese Debonno Malta – 06 July 2010

Very beautiful place with creatively decorated rooms, lovely friendly staff. Really enjoyed my stay here.

Tascha Eipe / India – May 2009

Very warm atmosphere, thoughtfully decorated and great views. Thanks so much for the hospitality!

Simona Quaglia / Italy – May 2009

Wonderful – thank you. Exceptional place and people.

Alisdair and Robyn Robertson / United Kingdom – May 2009

Thanks for making the start of our marriage absolutely magical.

Rabian and Maahir Pandie / South Africa – May 2009

First time in South Africa. Everything was perfect and what a magical place in Colona Castle.

Florence et Cédric Maertens / Belgium – May 2009

We were here for the third time around, and the place and its people still surprise us! So we will be back next year

Mac and Marion Zondervan / Netherlands – May 2009

Nice place with excellent service with some breathtaking views. My first time but definitely not my last.

Rob Dewson / United Kingdom – April 2009

The most beautiful, perfect, well run castle we have ever been in. We will be back.

David & Sheila Lebwith / New York – April 2009

Magnificent place, splendid service, great dedication! Thank you very much.

Hermann & Hildegard Stipp / Germany – April 2009

We had a wonderful time in beautiful Cape Town and a fantastic stay at “The Castle”. Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in our visit!!

The D’Attoma Family / Egypt – March 2009

We were here for the third time around and the place and its people still surprise us! So we will be back next year.

Mac and Marion Zondervan / Netherlands – March 2009

Fantastic place and people. If you want to taste the real South Africa, come here!

Fernando Bermejo / Spain – March 2009

Many thanks for looking after us and making us feel at home!

Graham and Britta Clark / Germany – March 2009

A perfect week in every way – the staff, the location, the weather. I am already planning to return

Kate Hampton / London – February 2009

Magnifique semaine dans un cadre idyllique! Merci pour notre gentillesse et les tres bonnes adresses!

Francois et Dolphine Feige / France – February 2009

Best hotel, food and service in South Africa. Thank you for a wonderful and relaxing stay.

Brian Jennings and Nicola Lee / United Kingdom – February 2009

A real gem of a place with stunning interior decoration and personalised service. Thank you!

Bengt & Sirpa Sjoblom / Finland – February 2009

Lovely hotel, seer mooie locatie. Short but powerful visit and a warm welcome.

Christel Maes and Claudine Van der Heyden / Belgium – February 2009

Outstanding service, invisible hands of service all over. Beautiful location, superb hosts. Many thanks.

Gerhard & Barbara Jahn / Germany – January 2009

Outstanding service. Beautiful location, interior design and architecture. Excellent cuisine!

Rebecca Macaux / United States – January 2009

Bravo It is always a pleasure to be back here.

Andrey & Marina Fomin / Russia – January 2009

Thanks for a great stay. It made this business trip very special and enjoyable…!

Lars Ludewig / Germany – January 2009

Great setting – couple of nice relaxing days. Many thanks.

Andrew Strang / London – November 2008

Beautiful location very friendly and welcoming – an excellent start to our holiday.

Helen and Mark Wilber / United Kingdom – November 2008

This is accommodation for everybody who’s looking for a perfect vacation. Many thanks and congratulations.

Marc van Cauwenberg and Magda Delaere / Belgium – October 2008

A ‘Homecoming’ – two years in a row it is a miracle and I am so grateful. Colona Castle is one of the nicest and most beautiful places in the world.

Marilynn Scott Murphy / United States – October 2008

What a gorgeous place, and a fabulous dinner. This is our second visit and everything is just as nice…

Judge Christel and Gilly Plewman / South Africa – October 2008

Thank you very much for the wonderful time we spent at your exquisite Colona Castle. We felt more at home than at a hotel and your personal touches helped to foster this feeling even more. The view from the Penthouse Suite was magnificent, the quality of service was impeccable and the staff was warm and efficient. We keep thanking Loula for introducing us to you…

Shahira & Omar El Sayeh / Cairo Egypt – October 2008

Looking forward to staying the next time here. Perfect stay for our honeymoon

Aurelia & Jens-Uwe Hahn / Germany – September 2008

Everything was first class. We loved the Suite and felt pampered. We will send our friends to you. Thanks for everything!

Ray & Becky Harding / United States – August 2008

Stunning Venue. Everything was 100%. Thank you and see you soon…

Martin & Lynette Wilsenach / South Africa – July 2008

A bit of heaven… truly sublime in every aspect… a highlight of our 24 years of travel in South Africa. Thank you so much.

Judy & Fred Peil / United States – May 2008

Faultless and totally enjoyable! Penthouse Suite was sheer luxury…

Colin & Karen Brown / Kent UK – May 2008

Wonderful service. Unique Hotel. Excellent breakfast…

Kim Reinhart Nassau / Bahamas – April 2008

A stunning location and a wonderful place to spend time. Thank you so much!

Amanda & Ian Sutton & Children / London – April 2008

A stunning location and a wonderful place to spend time. Thank you so much!

Amanda & Ian Sutton & Children / London – April 2008

Wonderful Stay in a lovely location. Excellent

K & L Bungartz / England & Germany – February 2008

It was nice to be back again. Thanks again for the excellent service. See you next year…

Marc & Marian Zondervan Bergen / The Netherlands – February 2008

Everything perfect. We will be ambassadors of Colona Castle…

Marco & Donata Drago of De Agostini Anna & Severino Salvemi of Universita Bocconi / Italy – January 2008

As always wonderful, relaxing and a “smash”. Thank you . Until next year!…

Annette, Nicole, Adrian & Christian Geyer / Germany & Angola – December 2007

What a location. You could not ask for more in Cape Town!

Stephen and Denise Peasnall / UK – November 2007

Only one thing to say: that’s the closest place to heaven!!!

Allison Brosset / France – December 2006

Such a wonderful location…

Alan & Judy Ogilvie / England – November 2006

Thank you! I am so, so impressed with your level of service… Such a pleasure to deal with you… Thank you

Sue Howells / Infinity Holidays South Africa – November 2006

Colona Castle in particular was a place that could not have been chosen better; enormous attention to detail, superlative service, very good food and marvellous assistance in the planning of one’s activities – and all that in really sumptuous accommodations – Can only recommend you send all your customers there !

Mr Rudolph & Mrs Dorine van Weede / The Netherlands – November 2006

Best Small Hotel in South Africa

Mr Willem van der Wall Bake / Netherlands – November 2006

Thanks to our son Bart, we found this extraordinary place: an exceptional experience in a superb location. Thanks very much

Michel van Overbeek / Netherlands – November 2006

Une superbe etape… Un acceuil fabuleux… Merci pour tout!

Celine et Frederic Lesne / France – November 2006

Lovely position… Great views

Wendy & Geoff Hyde / UK – September 2006

Perfect! This is what I hoped for. Thank you

Ursula Adams & Olaf Meissner / Germany – September 2006

Wonderful place to stay, especially for my 50th birthday.

Jean-Pierre & Christine Altounian / France – April 2006

Beautiful place to stay with lovely food and delightful staff.

Holloway Family / UK – April 2006

Had a Wonderful time. One of the prettiest places I have ever stayed in. A marvellous stay. Host and staff were amazing and if I ever get the opportunity to go back to Cape Town, I will stay at Colona Castle…and there is no doubt about it.

Thomas Perez / United States – April 2006

Great time, great food and great wines. Beautiful space. Thanks for everything.

Paul Jurgens / Belgium – April 2006

A peaceful place with lovely people, furniture from all over the world that is marvellous: All make a great souvenir for our stay in Cape Town

Boris & Charlotte Georgespicot / France – March 2006

Autumn in the Cape of Good Hope is even more beautiful than springtime in Germany

Guenter & Britta Lambertz / Germany – March 2006

WOW! What a beautiful place.

Chris & Gill Plewman / South Africa – March 2006

A gem in South Africa! Perfection.

Magnus & Shirley Ambjorn / Sweden – March 2006

Perfect service, perfect view, beautiful place

Jurgen Freitag / Austria – March 2006

Wonderful Stay in a beautiful location. A most wonderful holiday

Jean-Baptiste & Anne-Laure Feat / France – March 2006

Beautiful Hotel, Excellent Location, very friendly.

Nick & Paula Cuttiford / UK – March 2006