A special announcement: Colona Castle has opened on 02 March 2024 a new EESystem Healing Centre, making available a 12-unit EESystem to our guests on a 24 hour basis. Please check their Website and Research Centre at www.EESystem.com   to appraise yourself of this revolutionary 5th dimensional technology labelled – the future of medicine. Together with the dispensing of filtered and structured water in our premises, bathrooms and swimming pool, it will promote a healthy and rejuvenating environment in our relaxing and peaceful surroundings.

While the constant and omnipresent radiation and rushing in our modern life unzips the DNA, thereby enabling disease to take hold, this technology will repair breaks in the DNA and return it to its original blueprint, promoting wellness, age-reversal,  rejuvenation and ease of movement for the body to cleanse and heal itself. “The power that made the body heals the body…”

What if one could recharge the body regularly as you recharge your cell phone ? How can one plug into the cosmic light socket ? Find out at www.EESystem.com